In honour of Franz Kofmehl
In honour of Franz Kofmehl
Kofmehl Holz AG

“Franz Kofmehl” was founded by Franz Kofmehl in Derendingen in 1959.

Over time it has expanded considerably into a multilayer business which has

had to move its head office to Subingen due to space constraints.

In 1981 the business became a public company. Kofmehl Holz AG is nationally

and internationally active in the wood industry.

Franz Kofmehl passed away in 1987.

The company wasthen successfully managed by his daughter Franziska Ritter-Kofmehl during 25 years.

Since March 2013 Miriam Salzmann, niece of Franziska Ritter, runs the family business.

The company deals mainly in industrial wood and sawmill wood (turnings, shavings, chips, milling waste).

Recently we have added biomass from national and international markets.

Kofmehl Holz AG buys and sells wood in Switzerland and surrounding

EU countries, such as Germany, Austria, Italy etc.

Kofmehl Holz AG attaches great importance to sustainability.